Thursday, November 26, 2009

Do We Know?

Do we know the island like we think we do?

Well let's just say that most of us still have not seen everything on the island. This is truly the Nature Island. It is filled with adventures and attractions that are still waiting to be discovered. I really believe it is impossible to see all that lies here. Don't you agree?

So I went out on an adventure a few days ago and I am still amazed at all the beauty that surrounds me. The rivers were so clear and refreshing that it leaves you in awe.

The views of the landscape and from the hillsides (couldn't try a mountain that day) were magnificent. Let's not even start talking about the people. All were welcoming. The hospitality extended though we are locals, was great. We need to commend our people for showing the love of the island which so many visitors have come to experience.

We visited a secret beach - there are three that I know of on the island but this one was lovely. A bit of a challenge to get to but it was well worth the effort.

The Cabrits National Park has so much history tucked away that it is mind boggling. We visited the Commandants Quarters on the old fort and discovered a few little secrets (you need to go there and find out). All this was amazing - I hope that the photos prove it.

We had a lengthy drive through the island that day and our next stop was the Kalinago Barana Aute (Carib Model Village by the Sea). The guides there are great and something which they reminded me of (and incase you didn't know) is that the bay where the village is located is where Christopher Columbus landed when he discovered or rather made Dominica known to the rest of the world. A great part of history's found right there!

We then went on to a restaurant where the food was delicious. The food here is so good. So we always arrive on the topic of food but this is because the cuisine here is excellent. What Caribbean food or meal have you had lately?

This was a great excursio!. So let us know what adventures you have done lately on or off the island. Share your stories and we'll meet again to speak about our favorite time of year - Christmas.

See you soon!

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