Thursday, November 26, 2009

Do We Know?

Do we know the island like we think we do?

Well let's just say that most of us still have not seen everything on the island. This is truly the Nature Island. It is filled with adventures and attractions that are still waiting to be discovered. I really believe it is impossible to see all that lies here. Don't you agree?

So I went out on an adventure a few days ago and I am still amazed at all the beauty that surrounds me. The rivers were so clear and refreshing that it leaves you in awe.

The views of the landscape and from the hillsides (couldn't try a mountain that day) were magnificent. Let's not even start talking about the people. All were welcoming. The hospitality extended though we are locals, was great. We need to commend our people for showing the love of the island which so many visitors have come to experience.

We visited a secret beach - there are three that I know of on the island but this one was lovely. A bit of a challenge to get to but it was well worth the effort.

The Cabrits National Park has so much history tucked away that it is mind boggling. We visited the Commandants Quarters on the old fort and discovered a few little secrets (you need to go there and find out). All this was amazing - I hope that the photos prove it.

We had a lengthy drive through the island that day and our next stop was the Kalinago Barana Aute (Carib Model Village by the Sea). The guides there are great and something which they reminded me of (and incase you didn't know) is that the bay where the village is located is where Christopher Columbus landed when he discovered or rather made Dominica known to the rest of the world. A great part of history's found right there!

We then went on to a restaurant where the food was delicious. The food here is so good. So we always arrive on the topic of food but this is because the cuisine here is excellent. What Caribbean food or meal have you had lately?

This was a great excursio!. So let us know what adventures you have done lately on or off the island. Share your stories and we'll meet again to speak about our favorite time of year - Christmas.

See you soon!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dominica in the News!

There is so much buzz about Dominica right now. What is it all about?

An article about Dominica entitled Hidden Caribbean received the Best National Newspaper Award at the Caribbean Tourism Organization's Caribbean Travel Journalist Awards 2009 held in London. The article was done by Elizabeth Day and published in the Observer newspaper.

Other highly commened articles of Dominica were mentioned such as the one in The Guardian - Still Word Perfect

Our 2010 Calendar of Events was released which provides the dates and the many events which are awaiting here in the Nature Island. We are ready to do it all over again! Are you?

Carnival, Dive Fest and the World Creole Music Festival are some of the flagship events along with many other village feasts. Some events like Hike Fest is really going to get you in shape for the year with a different hiking location every week; the Rabbit Festival where you can see rabbit races and enjoy different dishes. May is known as 'Tourism Month' and this will be a month filled with many activities held throughout the island. The year will be booming with interesting and new additions to the calendar which makes it impossible not to find something to do.

Another feature appeared in the Chicago Examiner "Dominica's 2010 Events" which gives a brief description of some of the events and a lovely view of one of the many waterfalls - Victoria Falls.

The Limite Magazine (US publication) also featured a story on Dominica entitled "The Caribbean's Nature Island - where you're urged to defy the everyday" displaying stunning aerial shots of different points on the island and really calls for a visit.

Dominica is contagious thus the popularity in the news and is surely an island you will enjoy.

Visit for more information and stop by again for out next blog.

See you soon!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dominica - what's next!

So the party fever has now what's next!

Christmas will be here soon and all the fun things we love during that time. Here in Dominica we love the home/family times. We spend time with our families and are invited to each other's houses to have more food and drinks. I truly believe this is a time that we gain lots of weight. But it is a good time to see everyone.

With so many good foods to choose from - who wouldn't gain a pound or two. Fruit cake (black cake), ginger beer (non-alcoholic), sorrel juice, baked ham, turkey, egg nog (Shodow) and the list goes on. Let us know what Christmas foods you enjoy and which ones you miss the most because you can't make it yourself. Share with us...

But now let's have a look-back at some of the events which took place during our Independence Season

Lots of photos (compliments Images Dominica) and lots of fun so ensure you join us next year!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Creole, Independence and Culture Fever!

Are you in the mood to Party?!

Well the Nature Island now has a party Fever! The island continues to blossom with great music, food, dance and demonstrations of its culture and heritage.

This week the Botanical gardens comes alive with the Creole in The Park (CITP). This is a 4 day event Monday to Thursday which displays the island's food, culture and music all coming together in the cool surroundings of the islands Botanical Gardens. The food is great - crab callaloo, roast breadfruit or green bananas (local term - fig) served with saltfish and salad. This is great. If you want a taste of the true local cusine from the Nature Island then the CITP is the place to be every year on the week leading to the World Creole Music Festival.

Speaking of the World Creole Music Festival, it is quickly approaching. The three nights of pulsating rhythyms (as it quickly being known as) will feature music like you never heard before. It gives a true blend of the different types of music. Come and experience the kompa, zouk, reggae, soca and more music. The Festival is always held on the last weekend in October which leads to the Indepemdence Day (November 3rd).

This is the 13th edition so if you are not there this year, then be sure to make it for next year!

Let us know what you love about the festival if you have been and if not then what you need to know to ensure that you are there!
Let's talk soon...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Voting Open on Discover Dominica Photo Contest

For the last 2 months we’ve been partnered up with Matador Travel for an amazing contest. Readers were given the opportunity to submit their best ‘exploring nature’ picture for the chance to win a free trip for two to Dominica! We received over 400 entries, and some amazing nature photos. The best of the best have been selected as the 25 semi-finalists.

Now you get to decide who gets to spend 5 days and 4 nights diving, hiking, or just relaxing and enjoying nature at the finest island in the Caribbean. Just hop on over to the contest page and pick your favorite!

Don’t worry if you didn’t get a chance to submit, we’ve already began a great new project with another opportunity to earn a free visit to the Nature Island. More details in our next post, but you can take a peek here to get inspired and involved.